THE SAREE ON SOCIAL MEDIA – A note on the concept

The Saree Festival 2018 graphic design and social media campaigns explore the theme “The Saree in Social Media”, highlighting various aspects of the new found social visibility of the drape. 

Since the start of the pioneering social media initiative “100 Saree Pact” in 2015, the Saree has gained immense visibility on social media platforms with the mushrooming of various pacts and groups. The Saree has hence become the topic of conversations, a mode of self-expression, and the cornerstone of varied debates and articulations. Never before in its long history, since time immemorial, has the Saree been talked about in such a self-conscious manner so voraciously.

As The Saree Festival (which since 2014 has predated the social brouhaha around the drape, and is India’s first unique celebration of the Saree) turns five years old, we invite you to explore this new wave – our collective love-hate relationship with the Saree on social media. Love, because such an engagement sings the glory of India’s classical drape,  making it viral, gathering newer enthusiasts into the magical fold of the Saree, and foregrounding the valuable and glorious handlooms of India. And yet the sweet story is not without bitter / sour edges, tinted as it is with notes of humour, and if one may be forgiven for saying so: also sometimes stupidity, mediocrity, and indefatigable narcissism; this especially so from the perspective of the cognoscenti or the unassuming unselfconscious ‘regular’ saree wearer.

The Saree Festival 2018 design explores these conflicting emotions in a quirky and fun way, celebrating the grand contemporary social media presence of one of India’s primary markers of beauty and aesthetics. Jai Saree!

We made history with our first campaign in May 2018 that introduced us to various ideas around this theme and established a new hashtag that is now trending on Social Media platforms: #socialsaree ! In a short time span, the hashtag has become super popular and is now being used rampantly by saree lovers.

The #SocialSaree Nayikas: Our festival design this year pins down archetypes of women who post about Sarees on social media. Check them out here


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