#Social Saree Nayikas


The #SocialSaree Nayikas: Our festival design this year pins down archetypes of women who post about Sarees on social media. Read more about the theme here

For the Delhi edition, we introduced you to three characters.

“The Cocktail Rani” embodies the spirit of mix and match, creating a heady Saree concoction! She plays with drapes, blouses and accessories and combines diverse weaves effortlessly to be the coolest Social Saree wearer. She may be dressed in what we call dubiously a “Cocktail Saree”, but more importantly, it is her superlative Saree-tending skills that make her a Cocktail herself! #cocktailrani


“The Saree Vidhushi” knows her weaves, the nuances, the technical details, thread counts, and is a fountain of Saree wisdom. She inspires us with her passion for handlooms, and her authoritative articulations. Having her on social media is like having the Saree encyclopaedia online! #sareevidushi


“The Sentimental Babbler” regales social media with sentimental tales around her Saree, often unbearable! She may be wearing the world’s most terrible Saree but can write so much poetry on it that you may just forget that and be swayed. Do you know any saree sentimental babblers? #sentibabbler

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